Saturday, February 24, 2007


Do you have a soul mate?
Does everyone?
Does anyone?
Do they even exist?
Is there someone out there who just understands you? Do we all have somebody out there who can understand us?
Is it just a matter of somehow finding them?
Did you ever know anyone for a long time but not know them very well just because you never bothered, and then one day discover they're someone completely different from who you thought they were?
Did you ever look at someone for years as if they were a flat white piece of blank paper and then suddenly realize that they weren't plain white paper at all but rather a multitude of color and music and sound and eloquence, more like a novel or a film?
Did you ever look at someone and suddenly see them change from a simple black dot to an entire world or a field of stars and wonder how you never saw it in the first place?
Did the world ever change right in front of your eyes?
Did you ever...
and then realize it might not matter anyway?
Because the world doesn't worry about your revelations or your epiphanies or your soul.
It doesn't worry whether anyone understands you.
It just dares you to survive.
But can you survive if all there ever is to relate to is a plain blank white sheet of paper?

Something that fascinates me is how difficult it is to stop questioning and just 'listen'. I dare you to forget your own thoughts for a little while and listen to everyone and everything around you. Not an easy task ....


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