Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new today

One day into life in Newbury and it feels like I'm in a washing machine.

One minute my heart is sinking at the realisation of the size of this place.

Next minute I hear my name being called out and it's an old friend from Zimbabwe, Dean Clayton, who's just escaped the rush of London and moved here for some quietness.

Then I walk on and think about how small this place is and wander how small-minded it could possibly be.

After that a rainbow radiates over the canal and it looks like heaven.

I think of Edinburgh, the Scots and how much I like it there ... so what am I doing in England of all places!?!?

Soon afterwards my mom cracks a joke and I feel right at home again.

Rough waters, I remember feeling this exactly way on my first day in Cape Town and I recall emailing my old boyfriend from Zimbabwe to tell him about it. And today, after 3 years of no contact with Don, I receive an email from him out of the blue.

Oh my! Party poppers just popped! Fireworks just cracked! The world errupted and cheered, as I just reached the proud age of 25!

Anyways, as my birthday present to you, I'll share with you a wonderful piece of words by Tom Robbins. Ofcourse I secretly, or not so secretly anymore, wish the words were describing me but not this time ....

If she's some kind of phosphorescent flake, some kooky angel circling the ethers in deep left field; whether she won the eccentricity competition in the Miss California pageant or was that actually in Istanbul at the time, none of that matters to those of us who love her. Give us half a chance and we'd lick hot fudge from her fingers, spank her with a ballet slipper, read aloud to her the sacred moon poems of Kalahari bushmen. What's more, we like the way she dresses.

PS, being 25 is not turning me into a desperate housewife, moreso a teenager again.


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