Monday, August 06, 2007

Another era ends

Thomas Merton was once asked a question about literature he had written 10 years earlier and he replied, "The man who wrote that is now dead".

Well I'm not dead but I've made it through the past 18 months of my life. I've cried, I've laughed, I've cringed and I've danced. I'll never forget it but it is over now.

So this is the end of this rather personal blog. Thanks for reading, and for all the support you've given me through what's being quite a difficult time for me, it's always appreciated!

I will continue to post images regularly on my photoblog.

Onwards and forwards ... with a smile!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Shirley Edinburgh misses you. The end of your blog is like the end of Murakami book,,well thanks for a chance to be with you in that has been precious experience for me..hope to see you soon.somewhere.. un abrazo i ciao natalia

10:24 pm  
Anonymous Home Boy said...

Just discovered the blog and this is the first post.....

I am a Zimbabwean still living in that country (as shocking as that may seem, and as statistically improbable, i guess), and was looking for others of same nationalty who blog on their experience of home and life and philosophy and love and music and ...

Hope you start a new blog.

2:17 pm  
Blogger Shirlz said...

Natalia, a very big thank you for your kind works. I'm looking forward to seeing you, sooner than you'd thought!

Home boy, bad timing ;)
I hope life is going ok for you in Zim. Good on you for sticking it out ...

8:32 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Shirley

I thought of you today when I was here:

Graham runs a themed photo challenge every month. He's just about to announce August (he's late - was on holiday). He also posts other photography challenges from other blogs. I entered July for fun. :-)
Oh and another blogger I'd recommend you taking a look at when you have time, my friend Jacques
Some of his photographs are up in his gallery.

best regards

8:44 am  

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