Monday, January 29, 2007

A days of questions

What a brilliant movie. What a true portrail of Africa. What a god-damn amazing character Leonardo plays (with a real Rhodesian accent)! The happy ending is very sweet but it doesn't happen that way for many of the millions of people separated from their families.

I really enjoy watching movies like that but I always walk out confused and seething with anger. It's brilliant that someone is telling the story and the public is there to see it, but it's all good learning the mistakes of the past. What about now? I'm sure the audience would do something if they could, but what? How did we end up being ruled by politicians who are devoid of imagination, inspiration and moral value. How do the masses sit back and allow these events to happen? How does one kill for their own greed? Where does the responsibility lie?

A 21year old Zimbabwean commented on my Zimbabwe video yesterday and I like the questions he asks.

Reading these comments makes me very sad at how little we as the Human race have moved forward, im sick of this pingpong game, and eye for an eye, all we end up with is a world of blind people, blind to the atrocities taking place every hour of every day, every month, every year. How are we ever going to move forward if all we do is justify our actions by the actions of our forefathers. Is the soil not red enough? When we are all finished is this a world that our children would want to live in? Will there be a world left to live in? Until we stop hating one another for the sake of it, and start living at peace with each other, we will live in this hell we have created forever. Jah help us, forgive us...
Ps Look at all of you .. you cant even keep peace commenting on a video preaching peace, in text to people you dont even know the name of, shame on you, talking about rights to be Zimbabwean, do you have rights to be human beings?


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