Wednesday, March 07, 2007


For the past few years I've been fascinated with religions and beliefs. I'm not prepared to believe in something just because thousands of others to, I need to try, test, understand or experience first for myself.

I've tried meditation. Yes the type where you sit crossed-legged and have your palms up. The type where you try to discipline your mind and not get caught up in other thoughts, or you listen to some relaxing music and stare at a candle flame, or something like that, and nearly fall asleep. Yes they have positive effects as it relaxes your body and mind, but as far as I've experienced - that it's about it - there is very little spirit or soul in there. I've discovered that, personally, meditation is something that has to be done ALL the time. Yoga, I was told in India, is actually the discipline and flexibility of your life, not just your body.
For me, meditation is the art of consciously being aware and awake, not sitting closing your eyes and withdrawing from the world. It's actively taking part in your life in the most peaceful and loving way you possibly can.

Religion is such a personal thing. When I think of the people that inspire me the most, none of them have been tied up in religious beliefs but they certainly have a very strong faith in something. Organised religion takes too much responibility away from the individual - everything that happens to you is God's will - but hasn't God given you free will to have an individual experience?


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