Friday, April 13, 2007

An epiphany in the garden

For the past few days I've been working in my aunt's garden, doing a lot of weeding whilst tidying it up for her. I've really enjoyed this opportunity to be in the spring sunshine and work with nature. So this afternoon when I was nearly finished suddenly it dawned on me ... the horror!

Whilst doing this I've come face to face with lots of little bugs and worms etc. But then the thought struck me. In their time scale the hours that I've been in the garden must feel like a long time! I was entrusted with the care of the garden and to do the best I could, which I did. Though only when 95% of the way through I stopped to think about all the lives I had just disrupted and ended. It made me feel sad. To think that I had done all of this and although I'd been aware of them living there I did not do anything differently. So I made a short speech to the inhabitants of the garden and gave them my sincere apologies, but I informed them that the new resident of the house, Mrs Thompson, was well known for her gardening skills so I hope their land will be turned into a sanctuary soon.

It made me ponder, is that what it's like to be a dictator of a country? ... to see the people's faces and know they are alive but have no conscious realisation that there is a duty to serve them and actions have unseen consequences, rather than psychopathically make the place into what you want it to look like. Maybe.

Heehee, my journey of self-discovery continues to go well! And John Lennon is wise, reality does leave a lot to the imagination.


Blogger ramo said...

I felt same at times. What right we have to kill the weeds and favour some other plants. But then we do it because we can and there is nothing they can about it. You are very kind.

8:40 pm  
Blogger Shirlz said...

Thanks Ramo. It made me realise how destructive we can be at times and how often we truly miss the bigger picture. But as you say, it happens. Thank you too for your kind ways and words.

11:53 am  

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